Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Belchertown

Dear Belchertown~

Nearly two months ago my husband and I signed the papers for our new house -- our new house that is not in Belchertown. After that evening, we were a frenzy of activity, and I have not yet had time to write this letter of farewell.  However, now I sit and wait for a dishwasher delivery and find I have the time.

So, thank you, Belchertown, for a fine year and a half.  We enjoyed our time there.  The location is wonderful, and so are the people.  We loved being so close to the Quabbin and convenient to Amherst.  The birds delighted me, and the Belchertown fair was always a good time.

Our time in Belchertown led us to finally settling in The Valley -- so I'm still here, and you can continue to follow local interest at the new blog: Madley Hadley.

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