Sunday, March 28, 2010

PSA: The Deer are Here

This is a public service announcement to remind you that the deer are out and about, crossing roads and wreaking havoc to drivers. Out this morning, driving Rt 9 up into Amherst, one deer crossed the road ahead of me and at least two deer were at the side it had just crossed from. So keep your eyes open when on the road -- the deer are here!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Song for the Chickadee -- Guest Post

here's a song for the chickadee
my favorite bird on the deck
he's small and he's cute
in his formal black suit
in which he comes calling to peck

the cardinal is regal, the blackbird sublime
the finches are golden when in their prime
but the chickadee's faithful, handsome and plucky
those that receive him should count themselves lucky

he's here in the winter, here in the spring
yes a chickadee's truly a heart-lifting thing

(Written by today's guest-poster, the Velosopher.)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sugaring Season

Perhaps you've seen them -- the metal buckets hanging off the sides of trees, little spouts stuck into the wood -- it's maple sugar season in Western MA. I've seen signs at garden & supply stores advertising sugaring supplies, and someday I hope to have a sugar maple of my own to tap. But for now, the best I can do is enjoy the sights and flavours of local maple sugaring.

The River radio station has a Sugarhouse Directory on their website. It pretty much focuses on sugar shacks around the Northampton area -- doesn't get into shacks around Belchertown, but if you're in the Northampton area or Amherst, take a look. If you're a little south and east, like in B'town, take a look at last year's post -- it's worth it for the links to the two local sugar shacks. There are still some good weeks left in the season -- enjoy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

House Fire at 71 Hamilton Street

A multi-family house went up in flames this afternoon at 71 Hamilton Street. Police and fire were on the scene and set up a roadblock to any would-be passers-by. Unfortunately, the house, from what I could see, could not be saved and is little more than a shell at this point with the back of the house completely destroyed. I do not know the cause of the fire or if anything can be salvaged, but WGGB was there with cameras, and I'm sure it will show up in the news.
Be careful in your houses -- turn off the stove, blow out the candles, check the smoke alarms, look for grey streaks around your outlets, run fire-escape drills, and completely crush your cigarettes (if you smoke) in an ashtray.


From Our Most Recent Snow Storm


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