Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sugaring Season

Perhaps you've seen them -- the metal buckets hanging off the sides of trees, little spouts stuck into the wood -- it's maple sugar season in Western MA. I've seen signs at garden & supply stores advertising sugaring supplies, and someday I hope to have a sugar maple of my own to tap. But for now, the best I can do is enjoy the sights and flavours of local maple sugaring.

The River radio station has a Sugarhouse Directory on their website. It pretty much focuses on sugar shacks around the Northampton area -- doesn't get into shacks around Belchertown, but if you're in the Northampton area or Amherst, take a look. If you're a little south and east, like in B'town, take a look at last year's post -- it's worth it for the links to the two local sugar shacks. There are still some good weeks left in the season -- enjoy!

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