Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bunny-Hop

Another short bird commentary....
Sitting at the breakfast table the other morning, my husband and I watched the dark-eyed juncos dance the "bunny-hop" in the snow, scratching about for fallen seeds and bits of corn.
We have taken great pleasure in our wild birds this winter, and this pleasure has only increased since the purchase of our new bird feeder -- which has also increased the kinds of birds on our deck by 2. Originally, with our seed bell, we were getting titmice, juncos, and chickadees. Now we have added white-throated sparrows (see picture) and cardinals into the mix.

Despite information that the cardinal is a platform feeder and will not perch to feed, the brilliant red and terribly shy cardinal perched on our feeder for 11 minutes Saturday afternoon happily pecking his way through the sunflower seeds. I hope to get a picture of him one of these days. (The female came and fed Friday night from the deck.)

Picture and "bunny hop" term compliments of my husband.

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katie said...

looks like you're a welcome human acquaintance for the winged beasts. :-)


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