Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attack of the Local Author

Continuing from the topic of kids in the valley (from the previous post), I am now going to mention moms in the valley by way of Samantha Wilde's new book This Little Mommy Stayed Home. A friend of mine (and hers) took me to the book launch this evening at Odyssey Books in South Hadley. We arrived a little late (thanks my work schedule and my persistent need to eat), but still we were able to hear two or three readings from the book and a bit of humourous commentary to go along with it. And it was laugh-out-loud funny. Now, I haven't actually read the book, so I can't recommend the whole thing, but those few passages I heard -- those I can recommend. And having briefly met the author, I can say that she, too, is quite funny. And nice, quite nice. But definitely funny, and that's important, because it's supposed to be a funny book -- a book about a new mother discovering the joys and terrors of motherhood and learning how to cope with her new life. Pick it up at local bookstores, online, or try a library (if there's an available copy). You can even preview some pages here and listen to a reading here.

I don't go to many book signings or readings or releases, despite being a librarian (or maybe that's the reason). But that one was worth it. Maybe I'll even go to another sometime.

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