Saturday, July 4, 2009

From the Sentinal...

A couple of things caught my eye today while I was perusing the Sentinal. First of all (on page 4), the Book Camp being organized by Girl Scout Troop #20434 and run in the basement of the Clapp Memorial Library. The book camp runs on individual days in July and August for youth ages 6-12 and includes a lot of great series of books, including Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, and Alex Rider. No contact information was included in the article, but I would assume that someone at the library would have information about it (probably the Children's Librarian).

On page 14, there is an event listing for a swing dance and concert with a live 8-piece band at the Belchertown Senior Center. There will be a free swing dance lesson at 5.30 and the concert & dance will go from 6-8. It's free and the public is welcome! Sounds like a great way to get the week started.

There are so many great things listed in the local paper each week -- and now you can download the whole paper online and read it as a .pdf wherever you are! It's one way of staying in touch with the community and making sure you don't miss any of those great events taking place!

Happy Fourth of July! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day!


Paul said...

i love checking out the sentinel when i come home to visit, but this pdf feature is great!

emily said...

I agree! It's a fairly new feature -- it certainly wasn't available when I moved here last August. They've been upping their online content for a few months now, though -- I'm glad to see this.


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