Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Birds and the Bears

The ice and snow have entirely melted from our deck, leaving piles of birdseed and husks all over the ground. The trees this morning, after a warm day yesterday (in the 50s!), are alive with birds. We've had visits this morning from the nuthatch, juncos, cardinal, chicadees, titmice, and mr & mrs woodpecker. There are brilliant blue jays in the trees, crows squawk overhead, and if you open the door, birdsongs fill the air. I'm supposed to be blogging, but I can't keep myself from watching the flutterings out the window as the birds play tag in the trees. And I wonder if I'll see the goldfinches and sparrows this morning, too.

A burst for other bird feeders: we were warned last week to take down our feeder in mid-March to keep the freshly awakened, hungry bears from snatch-and-grabs. It was even suggested that there might be a law in Belchertown regarding the removal of bird feeders, but I didn't find one. Nevertheless, it's good to keep in mind that the bears will soon be out and about, hungry for their seasonal breakfast, and a feeder of birdseed is like a little mini-fridge.

The weather is warming, the days are lengthening, the animals are frisking. Spring must be on its way!

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