Friday, February 6, 2009

News at the Bottom

In case you never make it to the bottom of the blog, I wanted to make mention of local news headlines that show up there; I believe that for the most part they come from

One more thing I've been meaning to mention since early on in this blog is the great local newspaper we have in town. This may not seem particularly special, but after having lived in the shadows of a city and never being able to actually get local news of my own city, it's fairly exciting to have a paper whose focus is the community I live in. The Sentinal has been in publication since 1915 and is a free direct-mail weekly publication and covers everything from births and weddings to library events and town hall meetings to school sports and more. While every article may not be of interest, there's going to be at least one little thing each week that will catch the eye (like the albino deer sighting or the town fair or the housing listings). I read through it almost every week, and it helps me feel a bit more connected to my new community.

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