Friday, May 8, 2009

More New Birds at the Feeder

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
I saw this one for the first time today -- absolutely stunning. Mottled black and white wings and back, white underside, red throat, thick yellow beak. What a beauty!
(And this is the page that helped me identify it; thanks, Ray!)

Red-Bellied Woodpecker
I've seen this one now three or four times -- and, surprise!, he doesn't have a red belly. He is a larger woodpecker with black and white body markings and a bright red mullet on his head.

Baltimore Oriole
I've only seen this one in the trees, though I've heard rumours that it has visited the feeder. Early this morning and again this afternoon it was a brilliant orange amidst the white blossoms and fresh green leaves of one of the trees out back. He's a chatty chap.

As our list of avian visitors increases, and as the weather warms enough for us to open our doors and windows to hear their songs, I become more and more appreciative of and fascinated by the wonders of nature. The songs and squawks are magnificent -- for example, the cowbird (who sometimes bathes in my bird bath) has a high-pitched shrill whistle, but also has a song that sounds like a synthesizer glugging water. The description doesn't seem all that attractive, but it's an incredible sound; those cowbirds are very talkative.

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