Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Fairs & Festivals, 2009

It's nearly late summer already, and with the turning of the season comes a plethora of fall fairs and festivals celebrating harvests and farms and the domestication of the natural world.

Wilbraham Peach Festival, Aug 21-23 (Wilbraham): http://www.peachfestival.org/

Red Fire Farm Tomato Festival, Aug 22 (Granby): http://www.redfirefarm.com/news/tomatofestival.html

Smolak Farms Peach Festival, Aug 22&23 (North Andover): http://www.smolakfarms.com

Chilifest, Aug 29 (Belchertown): http://stonesoupfarm.googlepages.com/chilifest

3 County Fair, Sept 4-7 (Northampton): http://www.3countyfair.com/

Franklin County Fair, Sept 10-13 (Greenfield): http://www.fcas.com/

Annual Honeybee Festival, Sept 12 (South Deerfield): http://www.warmcolorsapiary.com/SpecialEvents.asp

Big E, Sept 18-Oct 4 (Springfield): http://www.thebige.com/

North Amherst Harvest Festival, Sept 20 (Amherst): http://www.simplegiftsfarmcsa.com/index.php?page=10

Belchertown Town Fair, Sept 24-27 (Belchertown): http://www.belchertownfair.com/

Fiber Twist, Sept 26 (Greenfield): http://www.fibertwist.com/

Eat the View, Oct 2 (Northampton): http://www.buylocalfood.com/ETV2009.htm

Garlic & Arts Festival, Oct 3&4 (Orange): http://www.garlicandarts.org/

Franklin County Cider Days, Nov 7&8 (Shelburne Falls): http://www.ciderday.org/

There are, of course, others -- this is just a sampling. I found more listings that I wanted to include, but I didn't include events with out-of-date event information on their webpages (like the Llama Photo Event at Hickory Dell Farm or the Fall Shearing, Felting, and Fiber Day at Winterberry Farm). However, you can find many more events with details at the CISA Events Webpage. I'll try to fill in more date as I discover more festivals/fairs in the Valley.
Seems to me there should be a local corn and/or cow festival -- don't you think so?

9/3/09: For more than what's posted here, see MDAR and the Community Events Calendar


Attie's Mom said...

Thanks much for this list. We just relocated to the Valley and I have no idea what is going on locally. Well now I do.

emily said...

You are very welcome! We relocated here last August (a year ago yesterday, actually), and I was so smitten with the area that I had to blog and rave and share. I hope you'll visit again -- I anticipate continuing adding events to the calendar at the bottom of the page.
Thanks for visiting!


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