Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where to Eat What: a Shortlist

We are weekend regulars in the Rt 9 corridor between Amherst and Northampton, wherein lie some of our favourite food locations. I don't regularly review restaurants because there are so many, there is so much to say about each one, and that isn't really where I try to focus the majority of my comments. Nevertheless, there comes a time when it seems appropriate to share. So without further ado, a few of my restaurant recommendations, in no particular order:

Korean: Korean Restaurant, Rt 9, Hadley
Mexican: Mi Tierra, Rt 9, Hadley
Chinese: Panda East Chinese, N Pleasant St, Amherst; or Teapot Restaurant, Main St, Northampton
Thai: Thai Garden, Bridge St, Northampton
Steak: Union Station, Pleasant Street, Northampton
BBQ: Bub's BBQ, Rt 116, Sunderland
Coffee: Amherst Coffee, Amity St, Amherst; Northampton Coffee, Pleasant St, Northampton
Sandwiches: Black Sheep, Main St, Amherst
Mediterranean (and baklava): Amanouz, Main St, Northampton
Vietnamese: Miss Saigon, N Pleasant St, Amherst
Diner: Rt 9 Diner, Rt 9, Hadley
Eclectic American: Judie's Restaurant, N Pleasant St, Amherst
Breakfast: The Lone Wolf, Main Street, Amherst
Donuts: Atkins Farms Bakery

There are still plenty of restaurants in that Rt 9 region I have yet to try -- some Nigerian, more Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, and more -- I haven't nearly eaten at every restaurant around, but these tend to be our regular picks.

*Almost all of these restaurants serve gluten-free and/or dairy-free dishes.

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Attie's Mom said...

Thanks much for you list. We just moved to the area, so this is MOST helpful.
May I add one of my own?
Pizza - Antonio's in Amherst and Easthampton


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