Monday, August 17, 2009

Report: Lake Wyola

Today the temperature hit the low- to mid-90s. Warm. Very warm. And as I have the week off in preparation for my new job, and as the husband took the week off, too, we decided a trip to the lake was in order. We prepared our things, stopped at the store for some food, and off we went to Lake Wyola.

Lake Wyola State Park is a DCR Park in Shutesbury, also known as the Carroll A Holmes Recreation Area. It has 40 acres of property on the shores of Lake Wyola that include a small guarded beach and swimming area, picnic areas, bathrooms, nature trails, playing fields, and more -- there's even an ice cream & french fry stand. It's a wonderful place to spend a summer day -- and very family friendly.

Our main purpose today was to swim -- to be by the water and enjoy it. And so we did. Despite the fact that there was a good number of people there, the lake itself (the swimming section) was relatively uncrowded -- especially toward the deeper end. The water was cool but not frigid, clear, and large enough for playing or for swimming laps. It was easy to find an open space on the beach for our towels and stuff, and there was also available space on the grass. An easy day trip to make a hot day an enjoyable day.

The park is open from 9am-7:30pm from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Parking in the lot is a mere $5 (cash or check). For more information, call 413.367.0317 or visit the website.

Oh -- leave the flotation toys at home (except for life jackets) -- you can't use them here.

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