Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Beauty of Snow

It can be hard to capture the beauty of snow with an old and inexpensive camera -- especially if taking shots from indoors. The lighting is never quite right and falling snow is difficult to capture in a still. Nevertheless, a pine tree frosted with snow is always a lovely winter sight.

The snow continues to fall today in light drifting flakes. The roads are being sanded and people are shoveling and plowing themselves out. Though I have cleared my car twice, it's already covered again with a fine white powdery dusting. More snow is expected tonight and tomorrow, with the possibility of freezing rain in the mix. Most unfortunate, the rain.

As I sit here and write, our red-capped downy woodpecker sits on the seed bell hanging over our deck, happily pecking out his breakfast in the snow. He's a beauty, and I wish I could get just a little closer to him without scaring him away.

There's a certain peacefulness in snow like today's. Enjoy it -- ski, build a snowman, sled, have a snowball fight, snowshoe, or just watch it fall. If you go out, drive with caution.
Happy snow day!

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