Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quabbin Quilts

Sewing Christmas stockings for the season? Piecing together a quilt to warm and be cherished for years to come? If you're looking for fabrics for either of these projects or something similar, make a visit to Quabbin Quilts on Rt 202 in the Swift River Commons.
I made my first visit to Quabbin Quilts a few weeks ago, scoping out fabric possibilities for Christmas stockings I was planning to make this year. I was pleased with what I found and returned a week or two later to make a few purchases. (Now I'm ankle-deep in thread clippings and fabric scraps....)

The Quabbin Quilts store is not large, but it has a nice variety of fabrics that come in bolts (cut by the yard), or in pre-cut packs of fat quarters and 1/2 yards; there is also a selection of battings and fusible fleeces. Sewing and quilting tools are available, as well -- needles, thread, measuring devices, scissors, quilt patterns. There are also quilts for sale and other quilted items, like place mats, handbags, wall decorations, and more.
Quabbin Quilts has a main fabric area and a quilting classroom, in which it offers classes and an open quilting time -- an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy quilting with others. The store also offers a quilting service for after your quilt is pieced.

The store was relatively quiet both times I visited, giving me plenty of time to browse the fabrics and pick the brain of the owner/employee who was manning the store at the time -- she took a good amount of time to talk with me, and she was quite friendly and helpful.
The store has been there for almost four years, if memory serves, and hopes to be there for years to come. If you have an interest, I'd recommend making a visit.

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Tiffany said...

I'm not much of a quilter - more of a sewer... but I have been quite saddened by the closing of Fabric Place here in Boston. I'm now on the hunt for new places - so this is good to know.


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