Monday, March 2, 2009

Belchertown's Very Own Tractor Supply Store

It recently opened: Belchertown's very own Tractor Supply Store. And I recently took the opportunity to visit. Combination hardware store, pet and animal supply store, gardening store, clothing & shoe store, toy store, and, of course, tractor supply store. I spent probably an hour at the store, wandering my way through the aisles, entertaining myself with products:

birdseed, bird feeders, birdhouses
cattle feed buckets
equestrian helmets and horse leads
tires and batteries
ropes and wires
plumbing equipment
rubber boots / galoshes
checked shirts, t-shirts, raincoats, jeans
toy tractors and animals
farming and gardening and cheese-making books
seeds and soil
propane tanks
varmint traps
and my favourite: the horse tire swing set!

I left with a bagful of stuff -- mostly things to get my garden started (indoors), but also another little birdfeeder and some suet for the woodpeckers. Can't wait to go back once I get my gardening started -- I'm going to need a pair rubber boots to muck around in the mud.

Tractor Supply Store, on the corner of 202 & 21 (Turkey Hill Road), behind the Easthampton Savings Bank.

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