Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clapp Library News

There are perhaps two things of importance which I wish to mention:

1. The Spring Book Sale is on at the Clapp Memorial Library! It opened yesterday (March 30) and will continue on until Saturday (April 4). There are thousands and thousands of items for sale, and most books are about $1. Be sure to stop in and find that book you've been looking for!

2. Also, there has been a reduction in the cost of the renovation and expansion project -- a reduction of $1.3 million! This is great news, and news that I hope will encourage the town to continue moving forward on this project.


Tony said...

A REDUCTION in the cost of a public project? Did the world just shudder on it's axis..?

emily said...

Reduction, indeed. I'm pretty sure I felt a trembling not too long ago... which seems to have shaken the very foundations of American existence. However, hopefully good news for the library project.


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