Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Spring Banner

I've been looking and waiting and hoping to find a good picture for my spring banner, but beautiful signs of spring in my little neck of the woods have been slow in coming. S0 yesterday I ventured out on my first bicycle ride of the season, which was not a glaring success, but I was able to find a solitary lovely space with some bright daffodils and an old rusty plow, and spring was in view. Hope you like the new banner -- it will be here for a while.
(This is my 100th post! Thanks for reading.)


Kristin said...

I love the new banner. And, good for you - getting out on that bike. - mom

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog, congratulations on your 100th post.


emily said...

Thank you -- glad you enjoy it!

katie. said...

the new banner picture is so cheerful and lovely!

congrats on your 100th post. i don't even live in belchertown or close but i love hearing about your adventures. more to see next time i'm out. :-)


Laraine said...

Love the banner - Spring is really here!


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