Monday, April 6, 2009

Orchard Run & Local Ice Cream

I saw at Atkins Farms the other day while shopping (I'm there pretty regularly these days -- good winter/spring produce) an announcement that Orchard Run Ice Cream Shop at Atkins will be opening for the season on April 18. This is good news for the ice cream lovers among us, since they have some of the biggest soft-serve cones around, as well as a tasty variety of hard ice cream and treats.
And on April 20, Monday night Cruise Nights return. For more information, contact Atkins or read their newsletter.
I haven't heard any news about Cindy's Drive-in yet, but I do know that Janine's Frostee on Rt 9 in Ware has been open since the middle of February for their 53rd season. They have a great looking menu and are currently on my way home from work -- I can't wait to visit! (And if you visit their website, be sure to listen to the "Frostee Jingle.")
It's ice cream time!

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