Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Touch of Heaven

I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk with one of our local massage therapists -- Karen Weber of A Touch of Heaven in the Avon/Collective Copies building at the corner of Main Street and Jackson.

I visited Karen's plum and sage office to scope it out and to purchase a gift certificate. We spent a little time introducing ourselves and conversing, and by the end of our short meeting, I was definitely glad to have met her -- and happy to be able to put in a little plug for her here.

My husband, who received the gift certificate, contacted Karen to schedule an appointment. His post-massage report? Quite positive. Karen went through a thorough intake interview with him so that he would have the best and most comfortable massage experience he could. He enjoyed the massage, felt better after, and gives recommendations.

Massage is good for decreasing stress and anxiety, improving posture, bettering illness and injury, focusing the mind, and other healing things. If you have the chance, meet Karen Weber and maybe take advantage of one of those coupons you may occasionally see in the newspaper or downstairs from her office. Treat yourself.

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