Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quabbin Park Cemetery

Remember when those four towns were disincorporated to construct the Quabbin Reservoir? The entire population of those towns needed to be relocated, along with businesses and homes -- and the cemeteries. Thirty-four cemeteries in all, according to, and more than 6000 graves were moved. Many of those graves were moved to the Quabbin Park Cemetery, which I visited yesterday.

The Quabbin Park Cemetery was a peaceful place on a Saturday morning; peaceful and maybe just a tiny bit disheveled. Unlike the highly manicured cemeteries in eastern MA, this one had a bit of wildness in -- and more than just from the turkey I caught trotting amidst the graves, scratching at the dirt. I enjoyed the serenity of the cemetery in mid-April.

If you're in a cemetery or historical state of mind, it's worth a visit. Take a little time to read from the stones, when the words can be read. There are always stories living in a cemetery.

A general view of the cemetery.

Can you see the turkey?

A plaque on cannon moved from the town of Dana when the reservoir was built.

More cemetery pictures will come later, with a few gravestones and such.

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