Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Signs of Spring, Part 3 (or 4)

Spring Peepers!

The peepers have been out for weeks now, making a racket in the local wooded wetlands -- singing the coming spring in their loud chirping voices.
I had heard of peepers before but hadn't experienced them until last August when we arrived in Belchertown and were amazed at the night sounds that filled the quiet air of the country. Then the peepers went into hibernation for the winter -- and now they have returned. I hold little hope for actually being able to spot one in the near future (and even less for snapping a picture), but I did find a photo, film, and informational website that were all very interesting and increased my peeper knowledge just enough.

Information from Watersheds.org
Film from Midwestfrogs.com.

Enjoy the peepers!

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