Friday, September 5, 2008

Atkins Farms Country Market

One of the first places people directed me to once they found out I was coming to Belchertown was Atkins Farms Country Market on the corner of Rt 116 and Bay Road. Atkins is not just a farm -- it's a specialty foods store, a make-a-meal business, an apple orchard, a local produce provider, an ice cream shop, a gift shop, a florist, and more. Plus, they have plenty of family events like Cruise Night. A great favourite among locals, Atkins is accessible by bus and also has a large parking lot.

At this writing, I've made but 2 visits to the market, and it was completely different than I expected. Instead of a smallish farm stand or a slightly larger orchard store, this is an actual grocery of sorts, with everything from cereal and chips to imported chocolates. Since some items seem to be a bit costly when compared to other locations, I wouldn't recommend this as a one-stop shopping location if you're on a budget. But the bakery looks delightful (jack o'lantern cakes, fruit pies, cider donuts) and there's a salad bar and deli, as well, and plenty of local fruits & veggies, of course (with very reasonable prices). The ice cream (served outside and around the corner) was dished up with a friendly smile and totally beat out the ice cream I had in the metro-Boston area by size -- I got a medium cone, soft serve, and it was nearly a foot tall!

I'm sure I'll have more to write on this later, when apple season is in full swing and after a few more visits for ice cream and/or donuts and/or pie, so be on the lookout.

One more point to mention -- there are public restrooms available inside. They are clean and smell of fresh herbs & flowers (at least on the ladies' side).

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katie c said...

cider donuts and foot tall soft serve ice cream cones? i'm looking at flights NOW! :-)


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