Sunday, September 7, 2008


"Summer's not over yet!" proclaimed the sign advertising a large farm cart of local sweet corn and pumpkins on the corner of Maple Street and Mill Valley Road in Hadley. I had had some not-delicious corn (advertised as sweet corn, but definitely not) the night before and was craving some sweet, so I pulled off the road and headed over to the cart piled high with corn. I plucked 4 ears off the "$5/dozen" and left my money and headed home. I peeled those ears of corn, flicked off a few worms, and steamed them up for dinner. And were they delicious -- sweet, melt-in-your-mouth kernels that completely hit the spot. I could have eaten a half dozen all by myself.

There seems to be no shortage of farm stands and farm stores selling corn in late August and early September. Just pick a road and drive down it long enough and you're sure to come to some little house or large barn advertising their corn. I think next year I may have to run a comparison experiment -- it doesn't get much better than fresh steamed corn on the cob in the late summer.

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Kristin said...

Emily, I think you have found Eastern United States Eden. What a beautiful bit of countryside. Keep blogging. I love it. - mom


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