Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Roadhouse Cafe

On the corner of Rt 9 and Bay Rd is a little cafe with picnic tables and a small (but usually full) parking lot -- it's the Roadhouse Cafe. Curiosity piqued from the first view, we finally made a visit on Labor Day to check it out (after I had picked up the menu from Stone Soup Farm and determined what kind of place it really was). The name of the place evokes pool tables, smokiness, and greasiness (at least if you have the background I have), and doesn't quite seem to reflect all the goodness you'll find inside -- or on the menu.

Reasonable-sized portions from fresh and local (when available) foods are organic and made from scratch, and have a variety of options for those with special diets. The place was bustling at mid-morning -- we waited for about 4 minutes before getting a table, which isn't long at all, and we probably could have been seated earlier if we'd wanted to sit outside. We spent that extra time admiring the hand-painted Roadhouse Cafe mugs that were for sale and the printed caps.

When a table cleared out and we were seated, we snagged a menu from the table and tried to make up our minds about our breakfast. And we thought we were done when I noticed a sign advertising gluten-free baked goods that could be added to the order -- biscuits, toast, bread. That made our decision just slightly longer. We finally ordered up a #5 with a plate-sized blueberry pancake, scrambled egg, and bacon (also comes with homefries); and a #6 with gluten-free toast, lox, and scrambled egg (also comes with homefries); plus, tea and juice and milk. The food wasn't fancy, but it was hearty and tasty, and we left the place decidedly satisfied.


Laraine said...

sounds wonderful - wish I could meet you there for lunch...

katie c said...

i'm adding it to my list of things to do and see when i come for a visit.

emily said...

hi! it's pretty good -- and fun -- like so many of the places out here. we'll have to figure out a lunch sometime!


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