Monday, September 29, 2008

Belchertown Fair

If you missed out on the Fair because of rain and the threatening skies, you'll be happy to know you can give it another shot next year (presumably), but you may be a bit unhappy to know all you missed -- the rides (including the scrambler, the zipper, the merry-go-round, the dragon wagon, and more), delicious hot fries, cotton candy (that crystalized in the rain and humidity), the baby contest, the live music, the horses (including the escape of the 4-H horse from his small stall), the cows and goats and bunnies, the giant pumpkin with bear claw marks in it, the booths for the library and the bands and the scouts and the sports teams, the pulling competitions, the fried dough, the arts and crafts building, the costumes, and just the many happy people strolling around and enjoying themselves -- and all that was just on Saturday morning!

It was a good time despite the rain -- and maybe even just a little bit because of it. I was happy to see the numbers of people who did turn out for the fair and the hoards of very happy children riding the rides, petting the animals, and eating sugar (of which I ate plenty, myself -- cotton candy is weird when it drips onto your hands -- very difficult to get off once it crystalizes in pink and blue all over your fingers). I hope the drier Saturday evening helped to bring out bigger crowds.


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