Thursday, September 18, 2008

Other Resources

A few other local resources I've come across in my recent wanderings:

Donahue's Flowers: I haven't used them, but we did receive a lovely stand of potted chrysanthemums as a gift through them. 3 Stadler Street, Belchertown.

Stadler (Ace) Hardware Store: a classic hardware store filled with just about everything you'll need for that home project -- including dryer cords, washer tubs, bike hangers, gardening supplies, grills, nails, tools.... Plus, they are helpful and friendly people. 3 Stadler Street, Belchertown.

Healthy Alternatives: natural health store with vitamins, supplements, homeopathic remedies, teas, and more -- soon to be expanding. 3 Stadler Street, Belchertown.

Collective Copies: a copy shop, print shop, and variety store; Collective Copies will retrieve documents for printing (very useful when your printer is still in its box from moving); carries canning supplies, fair-trade coffees, local history books, recipe books, and more. 55 Main Street, Belchertown.

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