Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As of 14 May 1990, Belchertown has a mandatory recycling program, operating out of its Solid Waste Transfer Station and Recycling Center on Hamilton Street. In order to use the Station, one must have a valid permit affixed to their car. Permits cost $90 for the year (March 1 - Feb 28) and are prorated in June ($67.50), September ($45), and December ($27.50). Current vehicle registration and proof of Belchertown residency (if not on the registration) are required.

After learning all I could about the program online, today I finally headed off to the Selectmen's Office to pay for a permit so I could take all the boxes that have been piled up in my living room after moving; shortly thereafter, I made my first visit to the dump/recycling center/solid waste transfer station. It was a pretty easy trip -- the bins are all labeled with their list of accepted recyclables, and since I was only getting rid of boxes and mixed papers today, I had only two bins to visit.

Garbage is also accepted there, though only in the requisite Belchertown Trash Bags -- the bags are sold at various stores in the town and their cost can come as a shock if you're not prepared for it. I know I was completely put off by the price until I realized that the bags are used only for garbage and not for recyclables -- their cost is a means to reduce waste and promote recycling. It does mean that garbage is expensive, though, at $1-1.50 a bag.

Want more information? Read the Transfer Station / Recycle Center Rules and Regulations.

My living room is now happily nearly box free.

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