Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes of Note

First of all, a quick reminder that the Belchertown Fair is this weekend, starting Friday -- there will be fireworks, a parade, rides, animals, booths, food -- and so much! I drove past the town center today and the rides were being assembled, the food vendors were out, colorful tents were already up, and so was a corral. The fair is a long-lasting tradition for the town, and I can't wait to go!

There's an important town meeting on October 2, 7pm, Town Hall Auditorium, regarding Question 1 (State Personal Income Tax) on the upcoming election. Information about the question can be found on page 6 in the Information for Voters put out by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Basically, the proposed law would eliminate state income tax -- and thereby greatly reduce the monies available to the state to support schools, libraries, police & fire stations, road repair, and other important services we receive, while increasing other taxes and fees. I encourage your participation in the meeting -- and a "NO" vote at the polls. I know it sounds advantageous to drop the income tax, but truthfully, we can't afford to -- we rely on the services provided. I know there's a lot of waste in government, but punishing communities by taking away essential services isn't the way to fix the problem. Get out to the town meeting -- find out what it's all about.

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