Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopping for Your Pets

Do you have pets? A cat or a dog, perhaps -- maybe a hamster or a goat or a horse -- or maybe you just like feeding the birds? If you do, make your way over to Granby Country Grain on Rt 202 in Granby.

I've passed that store a number of times while driving on 202 and have been wondering what it's all about, so last week I decided to take the opportunity to stop by. And what fun it is inside, if you're an animal lover or grew up in a veterinarian's office. Cat food, cat toys, dog food, dog toys, pet beds, scratching posts, bird cages, terrariums, catnip, leashes, litter, carriers, bird feeders, bulk bird seed, suet squares, rabbit pellets, cedar shavings, work books, horse leads, crickets, goat food, horse feed, shovels, and lots more that I haven't even mentioned here -- and there's even a little garden center in the back with rakes and hoses and fertilizer and such. It's got a lot going on.

And if you're looking for a pet, I did notice signs for rabbits and kittens on 202 while I was driving, and there's a bulletin board inside the store with ads (including an ad for 2 goldendoodle puppies -- very cute!).

Granby Country Grain: 467.3838

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