Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Previously Unseen

In the summer when the leaves are on the trees and the growth in fields and forests is deep, it's easy to miss things like unmarked trailheads. But when the leaves come down and the brush clears out, things begin to appear that haven't been noticeable before. And that's how I came to discover a walking trail entrance by the train tracks at Hamilton Street.

At the beginning of this end of the trail, it was the sign that caught my attention after I noticed a clearing in the trees. The sign, when I had the opportunity to read it yesterday, said something to the point of no off-road motorized vehicles permitted without permission. With that read, I began to walk the trail. I soon came to a branch in the trail, but I continued on straight, paralleling the train tracks. After a lovely bit of walking, the path veered to the left, leaving the tracks and heading into the trees. The path reached another fork, with a marked trail leading off to the right (those orange plastic diamonds nailed to the trees with an arrow and the number 1 -- I haven't figured those out yet). Continuing straight, the path reached yet another marked fork -- the trail veered right while the fork branched off to the left.

The trail eventually led to the playing fields off George Hannum. I didn't continue from there, but instead turned around and took one of the other trails on my way back -- and it led to the ridge above the farm at the corner of Geo Hannum and Hamilton.

So, in essence, some walking trails in the vicinity of Hamilton and George Hannum -- nice space, mostly flat (though sometimes rocky) with some small hills -- no heavy climbing -- a good walk through the woods.
I think it's part of the Belchertown Land Trust.

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