Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Thee to the Polls

Go vote right now -- or if at this very minute you can't, be sure to schedule it in.
And please, think before you vote -- there are important issues on this year's ballot.

(Here are those sample ballots for Belchertown.)
(Here is state election information.)

Post-vote update, 11.15am.
I just returned from the Belchertown High School -- and what a fun day to vote! I'm not sure I've ever voted in a place where there was such a feeling of excitement. The parking lots were busy -- cars were parked down the length of the entry, as well as in the lots. But despite this, the lines were short and people were jovial. The high school gym looked and felt patriotic with the red, white, and blue voting booths and the voting assistants dressed up. Parents were bringing their children into the gym and into the booths with them to teach them the importance of voting, and in the booth next to me I heard a boy telling his father what it would be like when he got to vote. It was quite the positive and fun community experience. (Plus, the weather is really nice today -- making it easy to get out!)
Also, Nathaniel Mouse from the Clapp Library was there with his sister and a large number of library supporters to urge a "yes" vote on question #4, and there was a bake sale.

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