Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Postal Notes

Good news for kids! The Belchertown Post Office has their Christmas Mailbox -- with the attached letters-to-Santa box -- in the lobby! If you're writing a letter to Santa this year, be sure to get it into the holiday mailbox at the Post Office. (I can't wait to write one -- I'm pretty sure that none of my old letters to Santa ever got into the post.)

My next note carries just a point of confusion. I recently ordered some goods online and had them shipped via UPS. I followed my shipment on the UPS tracking page. Today I saw that the description "notice left," yet I had not received any notice about my package. When I called UPS to ask what happened, they told me that the package had been left at the Post Office -- the USPS. Indeed, my package was there, though I had been waiting for it at home, because I've only every had the UPS deliver to the intended address (this time, my home). However, the tracking label has USPS on it, not UPS. So, what's going on with the USPS and the UPS? Strange things...

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