Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Belchertown Antiques -- Grand Opening

On my way home from the library and the post office this afternoon, I decided to stop in at Rannsaka on 115 North Main Street. It advertises collectibles and "olde" stuff and wreaths and such things -- I'll do another post on that shop later.
Right next door to Rannsaka is a new antique store -- Belchertown Antiques. Belchertown Antiques doesn't officially open until tomorrow (Thursday), but when I went to peek in the window, the owner opened the shop up to me while she was cleaning and preparing for her grand opening weekend.

I didn't stay long in the shop this afternoon, realizing that Elizabeth had much still to do. But she was very kind to let me in a day early and to take some time to chat with me about her new venture. She had furniture (tables, sewing tables, desk, chairs), kitchen supplies (including some darling aprons), old hats and scarves, and jewelry. Jewelry is her passion, and she intends to have a dollar table for jewelry and more expensive pieces as well.

For Elizabeth, owner and operator of Belchertown Antiques (and buyer and seller), opening this shop has been a long-time dream -- so when the opportunity came for her to realize the dream, she took it. Now, after some of weeks cleaning her three rooms and repainting the walls and trim in preparation, bringing her antiques and collectibles into the store, and arranging and pricing them, she is nearly ready to open for business. She opens shop tomorrow and will be open through the weekend -- check with the store for regular hours.

Belchertown Antiques, 115 North Main Street (adjoining Rannsaka).

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