Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dickinson Farms & Farm Stand

I made another roadside farm stand visit last week, but haven't had time to post it until today because of long weekend company, so here it is, a few days later.

Dickinson Farms on 202 in Granby is a larger farm stand than Sapowsky's, but smaller than Atkins. They offer a variety of things from milk and local eggs and cider (not their own), to kettlecorn and granola and homemade preserves, fresh local fruits and vegetables, sausages and cheeses, breads and pies and cakes, and of course, their own apples and tomatoes. For someone who eats simply and naturally, they could be an entire market -- the only catch is that many of their vegetables are Green Giant, and not local.

Dickinson Farms also has a ton of pumpkins and squash available, as well as flowers (like chrysanthemums). They have large greenhouses set up, and I look forward to seeing what comes out of them as the year progresses.

Dickinson Farms has an orchard which provides the apples they sell (macouns, macs, cortlands, and empires at the moment), and they also do pick-your-own on the weekends.

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