Friday, October 17, 2008

Nash's Dinosaur Tracks

If you have a budding archaeologist in your family, or take an interest in prehistoric life, or just want a quick interesting and inexpensive afternoon excursion for yourself or guests, make the short trek out to Nash Dino Land. It's a small roadside museum, gift shop, and quarry that's been around for over 50 years. The outside is fairly nondescript with peeling paint and a sign and a model dinosaur (apparently, it used to have other, bigger, brighter dinosaurs in front, but those have been taken away) -- and plenty of parking. Once inside (you may need to sound you car's horn to gain entry), there are a number of stones, dinosaur toys, and fossils for sale, as well as full and partial dinosaur tracks from the Nash quarry itself (up to $2000 for a set). Pay the minimal admission fee ($3 per adult as of my visit) and head out behind the building to the small quarry. At the quarry you can see dinosaur tracks that have been outlined in chalk, and once you know what you're looking for, you can try to spot some yourself. Muse a little at the life of the dinosaurs and enjoy feeling like a detective -- I'm sure you'll notice more and more prints, and even see the ones used as flagstones in front of the doorways.
On your way in or out, be sure to take time to talk to whoever happens to be manning the museum that day -- they have lots to say about the history of the quarry and the founding of the shop.

To get to Nash's, follow 116 until you see the road signs for Nash Dino Land, nestled away on the South Hadley/Granby border.
This is definitely a good-weather place to visit, so don't rush over during the next thunderstorm or snow shower.

Read more about Nash Dino Land at Roadside America.

Can you find the tracks in the picture below? (Clicking on the pic will expand it and make them easier to see.)


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