Friday, October 17, 2008

Book Sale: Final Note

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the last day of the Clapp Memorial Library Friends Book Sale. I finally made it in to the sale this morning, and it is quite amazing. If you're worried that at this late date the books are too picked over to make a visit worthwhile, you have nothing to worry about. There are still loads and loads of fabulous books to choose from -- some strikingly old and some like new. Classics, biographies, sports, mysteries, dictionaries, science fiction, children's books, magazines, recipe books, westerns, and more line shelf after shelf after shelf in multiple rooms -- it's just like a used bookstore -- and perfect for picking up that reading you've been putting off or gifts for those birthdays you have coming up. Don't miss it! Plus, to top it all off, tomorrow is 1/2 price day.
My picks of the day? Foundation Trilogy by Asimov and Dune by Herbert.

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