Thursday, October 16, 2008

Recipe: Simple Cabbage Soup

With the influx of local cabbages in the markets, it seemed only reasonable to purchase one to use. My only problem -- I had never used cabbage before. So my first recipe was a simple cabbage soup, using local produce. (My main recipe book didn't have a single cabbage soup recipe in it -- can you believe it?!)

3 T olive oil
1 carrot
1 onion
1 celery stalk
4 cups chopped/shredded green cabbage
salt & pepper

Heat the oil in a large pot. Add chopped carrot, onion, and celery. Heat until softened. Add cabbage. Stir occasionally until cabbage is tender. Add 6 cups of water, cover, and let simmer. Salt and pepper to taste.

(I've been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and in the story the Bucket family survives on cabbage soup. Our house response? We don't understand the Bucket's complaints -- cabbage soup is pretty good!)


How It All Began... said...

It sounds so good right now. I'll have to ask my "chef" Joe if he'll make it for me. He loves to cook new things.

Tiffany said...

Yummy - is this a possible entry into the soup contest??? hmmm??? (you're more than welcome to stay over at our place if the drive is too long)

emily said...

It was surprisingly good! A little sweet, a little spicy, and more flavourful than I would have imagined. I'm becoming a fan of cabbage!


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