Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flayvors of Pumpkins

If all these pumpkins hanging out on people's porches, at roadside stands, and in patches have you craving some delicious autumn pumpkinny flavour, get yourself over to Flayvors of Cook Farm on South Maple Street in Hadley. Flayvors is a restaurant and a dairy, and right now they have pumpkins -- and a delicious Pumpkin Mousse Parfait (cream, pumpkin, and spices -- what more could a fall dessert need?).

After having passed Flayvors of Cook Farm many times on my way to and from Hadley, but never visiting, I finally took the opportunity to stop by yesterday. And I'm glad I did, since I was able to get one of those parfaits and enjoy a never-before-tasted-by-me pumpkin treat.

Looks like a good place to get ice cream, too, and in the summer, you can pet the cows! (Open year-round.)

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katie c said...

i love pumpkin everything! well, almost everything. i have yet to taste a great pumpkin ice cream.


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